Seahawks Skittles Cake

I got creative and made a layered Seahawks skittles cake. I like to bake, but when it comes to cakes I am about a level bellow amateur. I gave it my all and while it is not the best looking cake, it was a big hit.


Making the skittles cake was easy but time consuming. I needed to make a cake with layers so that I could fill the middle with skittles. I decided on 4 layers.
Here is what I needed to start:
-4 boxes of boxed white cake mix
-5 jars of frosting, any flavor that is white
-food coloring, blue and green
-skittles, lots of skittles
-cake pan

First I followed cake mix directions to make my first layer. I used milk instead of water and butter instead of oil to make it taste better. Then I added half of the small bottle of blue food coloring.


I only have one cake pan, so I could only make one layer of cake at a time. This is why it was so time consuming. Make batter, bake, let cool, remove, rinse, repeat.

After the first layer had cooled and I removed it from the pan, I covered it in frosting. I then added a second layer of  cooled cake in the different color. Using a small bowl as a guide, I cut out the middle. I then added frosting to this layer and repeated with another layer in the different color.

Cake 1Cake 2Cake 4

I filled the hole with skittles. Then I added my last layer on top to cover the skittles. I added more frosting to the top as well as the sides.

I am not a baker and no where near being a professional. The cake was not aesthetically pleasing, but it was fun. The reaction from my friends when we cut into the cake and skittles fell out was priceless.



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